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Fabric Sofa Cleaning Service

Dry Vacuum : First we do dry vacuuming of the sofa and remove all the dust, food crumbs and debris from the sofa.

Shampoo & Scrub : After dry vacuum our pro uses biodegradable cleaning agent (shampoo) to thoroughly clean the sofa. This also helps to remove the stains on the sofa and the odor.

Wet Vacuum : This step is important in order to remove the shampoo and dirty water from the sofa completely. It will clean 90-95%.

Final step : Keep your sofa under the fan for 4 to 5 hours to ensure it gets completely dry.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Service.

Sanitise & Scrub : In this step, our pro will use a special cleaning shampoo agent to clean and sanitize the sofa thoroughly. This helps in removing the stains and odor from the sofa.

Polish : Once we have scrubbed the sofa, our pros will use a unique leather polish to make your piece of furniture shine like a new one.


Specilised injector, Extractor, Drying Machine, Approved Cleaning agents, Disinfactants depending on the sofa material – Fabric/Leather/Rexin/Other

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